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At Insurance Mart Fremont, most of our customers come to us for home, auto, health and medical, or commercial insurance needs. Sometimes, it’s a combination of multiple policies our clients need.
Shouldn’t I get different insurance from different providers?
While many insurance providers claim to be experts in certain aspects of insurance — saying they only provide auto or home insurance, for example — getting multiple policies using the same experts provides us the unique ability to evaluate the ways your policies work together. In doing so, we can make sure your plans allow for the best coverage at the lowest cost possible.
I’ve had the same insurance for years. Wouldn’t it be bad to switch?
On the contrary! Updating your policies ensures you’re still getting the best deals on the market. Because we don’t have partnerships with any major insurance providers, we’re not beholden to any one of them. That means we can search multiple providers, picking and choosing the best policies to fit your needs.
Can I get insurance for my home and family as well as my business?
Insurance Mart Fremont’s advisors are skilled in creating comprehensive home, auto, health, life, and commercial insurance plans, meaning your can find coverage for all your largest assets using the same trusted team. We can even help navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace (ACA), Medicaid, Voluntary benefits to find the best health insurance for your family or employees.

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